Sale Rules


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October 15, 2013 (Rev. 8-11-15)


1.       Consignor must be a member of the Northeast Arkansas Angus Association 60 days prior to consignment deadline.

2.       Age limit on cows is LESS than 10 years on day of Sale.

3.       All registrations and breeding information shall be in order.

4.       Herd performance records processed through the American Angus Association’s Angus Herd Improvement Record (AHIR) are highly recommended.

5.   Cattle shall be tested free or have no carrier ancestor of Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM), Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH), and Contractural Arachnodactyly (CA).

6.       Each animal selling including calf at side of dam must have a valid health certificate issued within thirty (30) days of the sale.  Certified herds must have Brucellosis bleed dates and anniversary dates listed.

7.       Each animal is guaranteed by the Consignor.

8.       All animals must have legible and healed tattoos corresponding to registration certificates.

9.       All eligible females shall be calfhood vaccinated for Brucellosis (Bangs).

10.    All animals must be free of active ringworm lesions, warts, mange and lice.

11.   All animals will be vaccinated for a minimum of the following:  BVD (Bovine Virus Diarrhea); IBR (Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis); PI3 (Para-Influenza 3); BRSV (Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus); 7 Way Clostridium; and Lepto-Vibro.

12.   All cattle will be clipped – those not clipped will sell last.

13.   Any calf split off of a cow will count as one half lot for sale expenses.

14.   Calf at side must not be over 280 days of age in accordance with AHIR guidelines.

15.   Any animal that does not meet the sale requirements must be out of the facility by 8 AM on Saturday and cannot be sold on the premises.

16.   Sale Manager will set the Sale Order.

17.   Any female over 24 months old; or with calf at side older than 6 months of age must be pregnancy checked safe in calf and so noted on the Health Certificate by a veterinarian.


1.       Bulls must be one (1) year old on sale day and LESS than 4 years old.

2.       Bulls shall be listed in the catalog from youngest to oldest.

3.       Bull Information Sheets will be available to Buyers on sale day including weights, hip heights, scrotal circumferences and birth weights on each Bull.

4.       Bulls must exhibit frame score between or including 4.0 and 7.9 (sliding scale 47.0” to under 55.0” for 12 mo.)

5.       All Bulls must have a breeding soundness exam performed by a licensed veterinarian within thirty (30) days of the sale including, hip height, scrotal measurement, penile projection, and semen test results duly noted on the fertility papers.  Bulls under 15 months are NOT required to be semen tested.  Fertility guaranteed by the Consignor.

6.       Bulls must meet the following Scrotal Circumference Measurements:

         Minimum Age in Months:                  12         15         18         21         24

         Minimum Scrotal Circumference:   32         33         34         35         36                                            

7.       Bulls will be weighed at sale facility and must have a minimum weight of 2.4 pounds per day of age with the minimum weight being 1000 pounds.  All bulls over the age of 19 months must weigh a minimum of 1500 lbs.